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Squishy Circuits


AGES 8 and above

Duration: 2 hours

Squishy Circuits uses conductive and insulating play dough to teach the basics of electrical circuits, a perfect blend of play and learning! Our play dough kits, projects, and recipes teach problem solving and engineering concepts and inspire creativity and independent thinking.

STEAM Workshop
The Amazing
#SquishyCircuits ????
Which inspires creativity!

Learn how to safely create electronic circuits using conductive and insulating Play doughs and modelling clay.
Which are child-friendly.

Children will get to learn basic circuitry skills, which will be useful in pursuing a variety of engineering projects!

>Introduction to Squishy Circuits and Electronic Components.
>Learn to build a Simple circuit, Series Circuit and Parallel Circuit.
>Hands-On usage of various Electronic Components I.e, Switch, LED, Photo Diode, Motor, Buzzers in Squishy Circuits.
>Create Magic with Squishy Circuits ????
(Build your own Sculpture using Play dough and Electronic Components)
And Much more!