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Code Monkey Junior

We will teach the foundations of coding with 

Codemonkey Jr. 


For ages 4-6

CodeMonkey Jr. teaches preschoolers and kindergartners computational thinking skills and the basics of coding through the use of blocks. Students will enter a world filled with captivating creatures and bright colors as they help a monkey on a mission collect bananas and unlock a treasure chest.

Students will program a monkey’s journey in order to catch bananas and unlock a treasure chest.

Time Duration: 1 hour

What to expect?

We will be Starting our session with 
> Children songs 
> Coding Story session 
> Learning and exploring about Coding concepts 
> Hands On- Trying out Coding game

Printable Materials and Coding Activity Journal will be sent out after Payment which encourages children with learning unpugged coding and computational thinking.

More About Code Monkey Jr:

In a world filled with captivating creatures and bright colors, 4-6 year olds will join a monkey on a mission to collect bananas and unlock treasure chests. All the while, kids will explore and learn the basics of code as they use blocks to program a monkey’s journey through the world.

CodeMonkey Jr. is easy to understand and simple to use. With the progression of challenges, the game eases pre-readers into gaining an advanced understanding of fundamental coding concepts. Best of all, they do not need to know their ABC’s! Using blocks, pre-readers will build a set of visual coding instructions to help lead a monkey to a treasure chest. Along the way, they will learn and practice coding concepts.

With CodeMonkey Jr. your students will learn:
Direction and orientation

Jump-start your students' learning with the foundations of code. Currently with 4 chapters and over 30 challenges, CodeMonkey Jr. is a great addition for any preschool or kindergarten class. The game is available on web-based browsers, tablets, iPads and smartphones. Educators can cover CodeMonkey Jr. in a total of 5-6 classes. No coding experience necessary to teach or play!

So why should you introduce young children to programming?
Starting Computer Science education early is key. Computational thinking is an important aspect of 21st century education and programming is one of the ways to acquire this skill. Those who code, not only improve their computational thinking skills, but also their analytical and problem-solving skills. They also build a foundation for teamwork, creativity and self-expression. Block-based programming provides pre-readers with a great base to kick-start their CS education. Better yet, it takes away the frustration of entering wrong code so they can focus on the overall concept at hand. CodeMonkey Jr. is a welcoming and non-intimidating way for students to start learning the language of computers.

CodeMonkey is a leading, fun and intuitive curriculum for kids to learn coding. Through game-based and project-based courses, students as young as 8 use text-based programming to solve scaffolded puzzles and building games and app. With its new pre-reader app, now students as young as 4 can get the foundations of code! CodeMonkey does not require prior coding experience to teach and is designed for school, extra-curricular and home-use.