Scratch Jr

Scratch Jr coding workshop!

About the workshop 
“Scratch Jr” introduces powerful ideas from engineering and computer science that are not usually highlighted in early childhood education. The term “powerful idea” refers to a concept that children can learn through a curriculum that will serve them beyond the lifetime of a specific classroom technology. In this case, the curriculum revolves around the Scratch Jr application. Powerful ideas may be applied to many disciplines and will be rewarding in students’ academic and personal futures. Throughout the following curriculum, both activities and lessons will seek to illustrate these powerful ideas.

Scratch Jr is a developmentally appropriate programming language for children ages five through seven. Using the ScratchJr application, children can create their own interactive collages, animated stories, and games. 


Module 1 – Interactive Collage Lessons ( 2 classes- 27th August, 01st Sep)
1. Instructions, Sequencing, and an Introduction to the ScratchJr Application 
2. Same Block Sequencing and Motion 
3. Start on Green Flag Block, End Block, and Choosing Characters 
4. Backgrounds and Review of Programming Multiple Characters 
Module 2 - Interactive Story Lessons (2 classes- 3rd Sep & 7th Sep): 
5. Speed
6. Numbers and Repeating Sequences
7. Speech Bubbles, Sounds, Pages, Wait for,
8. Start on Bump, Start on Tap, Send and Receive Messages, Stop.
Module 3 – Game (1 class- 11th Sep)
Learn to build your own Games with Scratch Jr.

Requirement: Laptop/ Tablet. (2 devices are needed to connect on zoom and to run scratch Jr App)
Time: 5 P.M to 5:45 P.M
Age: 5 - 7 years
No of slots: 6 students (Parents are welcome to sit in to facilitate your child's learning)

Starting from 27th August to 11th September

Certificate and After class Activities are provided.

Contact  +919606737888 for payment option and further details.