The Boy who harnessed the wind!

The Boy who harnessed the wind!

Be a Wind Technician!!
We will build a Windmill and test it to lift a load 

Date: july 1st or july 4th
Time: 4 p.m to 4: 40 p.m

Below is the list of materials needed for the Activities..
If you have them you can go ahead and book your slot by making payment. And send a screenshot of the same, also mention the day you would prefer to attend the session to +919606737888 on WhatsApp.

After the sessions you will be receiving E-journal Printable that will include fun Activities to continue learning the topic learnt during the session.

These sessions will be conducted on Zoom App.
Login ID and password details will be sent to you one day prior to the session

Payment Details
Price: 100 INR per session

Payment options:
Transfer the Amount to
Account no. 64003996272
Paytm to Phno. 9606737888
Google Pay Phno. 9606737888
IFSC: SBIN0040019

Remember this is a parent Accompanied session ‍‍‍

Payment is Non-refundlbe. However you are allowed to pass your slot to others or use it for the next online session

(For One time).

What to Expect?
> We will begin the session with a fun song and continue with a STEAM book (read aloud).
> We will learn about S/T/E/A/M topics inspired by the book?‍??‍‍
And continue to hands-on Explore the topic and build a working model/ real time experiments. 
What to prepare ?
A. Colored paper
B. Chopstick(or any stick that can go inside a straw)
C. Paper clip/ clothes clip
D. Paper Cup
E. Straw
F. Thread
G. Scissors,tape,glue
H. Tall container/Tin/Box from kitchen
See you soon!