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OCT 23 , 2019

Botany Workshop (Online)

Botany is the study of plants. It is a branch of biology. Scientists who work in the field of botany are called botanists.

Botanists usually focus on a specific area. Some discover new kinds of plants, name them, and classify them (group them with similar plants). Other botanists study the structure and form of plants.

Many botanists work as researchers. Some researchers study plant diseases. Others experiment with plant chemicals. Others try to develop plants that are more useful to humans.

Many botanists are interested in conservation. Some investigate the effects of pollution on plants. Others work to protect rare plants.

Botany has something for everyone. And it's so satisfying to watch young ones transfixed by a flower's beauty, or astonished as they watch a plant germinate one centimetre at a time!

To help the youngest generation discover the world of plants we are introducing our new "Botany Wokshop" for two age groups. For them to Explore. Play. Live.

Our children will learn various topics and will perform experiments to understand the concepts during the  sessions. Also, they will receive after session Journal to complete which will include tasks to complete by going visit the nature.

Jr Botanist (Ages 5-7)

Topics to be covered

  • Learn the basics of the plant
  • Teaching kids where food comes from
  • Sprouting seeds
  • Do seeds need light to grow?
  • How leaves breathe
  • How leaves get water
  • Why do leaves change colors?
  • Gardening do-a-dot printables
  • Leaf rubbings book
  • Dyeing flowers
  • Dissecting flowers
  •  Vegetables

Experiments will include materials from home and from your neighbourhood like Leaves, Seeds, Small Plants, Flowers, fruits, vegetables that can be easily found. 

Activity journal is sent out before the session.

Date and Time: Mondays | 4 p.m - 5 p.m

6 sessions, once a week. Starting from 8th feb.


Sr Botanist (Ages 8-12)

Topics to be covered

  • Plant cell anatomy and photosynthesis
  • Plant classification   
  • Non-vascular plants   
  • Vascular structures   
  • Leaf anatomy
  • pollination, germination, classification of fruits
  • Adaptations, poisonous and parasitic plants
  • Diseases, brief intro to fungi, viruses, bacteria

Activity journal is sent out before the session.

Date and Time: Wednesdays | 4 p.m - 5 p.m

8 sessions, once a week. Starting from 10th feb


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