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Our Philosophy

Hi! I am Soumya Nagaraju and welcome to my website So, this is where you learn about me and my baby, “The Little Thinkers Lab”. I am from Bengaluru, India. I kicked off my grown-up life by earning a master’s degree in computer applications. I have always had passion to teach. I am very involved in STEAM education scene in Bengaluru and Singapore (2013-2019).

We have successfully hosted N number of STEAM thematic playdates, pop up labs and STEAM activity kits for children in Singapore. Originally my focus was on teaching Electronics and Coding. Then Robotics happened! I’m a proud geek who loves to learn, explore, challenge and of course have fun. And with a longing thirst to teach young minds technology.

I’m married to my soulmate Nagaraju Ashokraju and have a adorable son Mayukh Nagaraju. We are a fun and Nature loving family. Mayukh is a active and a loving boy. His exuberance and curious mind always wants to play more and learn more. This made me start sensory activities and other baby related activities with Mayukh, since he was just 7 months old. This baby Mayukh did not stop, he wanted more! to keep him busy we used to set up variety of sensory bins, baby/toddler games and we slowly transitioned to STEAM based activities. It was a way to show my young Son what Explorers, Teachers, Scientists, Technicians, Developers do in their every day job.

Every week we share countless ways to engage little hands and curious minds in STEAM based learning on Instagram. From investigating living organisms to creating fireworks in a jar. With a hope that our creative ideas give parents and educators the inspiration they need to power more meaningful learning at home or in school!

My thirst to bring in simpler electronics for kids made me spend a lot of time in research. After working for months on several ideas, I started my own series of “Paper Circuit Kit” which is a great tool in teaching STEAM concept i.e., hands-on electronics, technology with Art for young children.

On Aug 4th, 2018 also Mayukh’s 2nd Birthday, We founded The little Thinkers lab a STEAM based lab in Singapore. And also, on the same day we launched an electronics kit for kids called “Paper Circuits Introductory kit”.

At TLTL, we believe that every child is a curious explorer, unique and special in his / her own way, and should be given the tools, opportunity and environment to learn at his / her own pace.

The mainstream, one-size-fits-all education system may not be able to maximise the potential of every unique child. Thus, we set out to research, design and develop a set of pedagogy and monitoring methodology to spark and nurture the curiosity of every child, enabling them to discover their unique interests and talents. We also select and bring in interesting, safe and fun educational toys, carefully curated for young explorers to enjoy beyond our classroom.


When young children explore, play, or try new things they are naturally engaging in STEAM. STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, art, and math. And it's considered a key component of 21st-century education, because it provides foundations such as a growth mindset, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, and exploration - all vital to success across preK-12 learning. A STEAM-based project can be anything from reacting two substances to creating art that lights up! As children build their STEAM skills, their sense of empowerment grows exponentially, helping them to tackle issues in our increasingly complex world. A STEAM skillset is fundamental in today’s tech-savvy and saturated world, providing more pathways to academic success and many of the most in-demand and fulfilling careers.


The Little Thinkers Lab will organize several Pop-Up STEAM labs in Singapore and Bengaluru, India. Workshops/Playdates/PopupLabs will bring dozens of families together from all over City to engage in various hands-on experiments and building challenges with their kids.

Our Lab was conceived as a unique learning journey for children of different age groups. At TLTL, every child is treated as a curious explorer - each having his/her own interests and talents, and able to learn and develop at varying paces. We strive to provide our explorers with an enriching experience that maps a journey towards their aspirations, as we capture and nurture their curiosity, and keep them engaged in learning.

At TLTL, we are committed to spark your child’s curiosity to learn, acquire skills and motivation that will enable him/her to be the captain of his/her dreams.

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